16.28. historical_helper.py

The historical_helper.py program is a helper script for processing historical imagery. See examples for how to use it in Section 8.24 and Section 8.25.

This tool needs the convert program from the ImageMagick package. If ASP was installed with conda (Section 2.5), this will have a program named convert, but that will be a utility that is part of the embree package, rather than the tool we need.

To install the correct convert tool with conda, run:

conda create -n imagemagick -c conda-forge imagemagick -y

Then, either prepend the path to convert to your PATH, or invoke historical_helper.py with the option:

--convert-path $HOME/miniconda3/envs/imagemagick/bin/convert


historical_helper.py [options] <rotate or rotate-crop>

Command-line options:

--input-path <string (default: “”)>

Path of the input file to process.

--output-path <string (default: “”)>

The output file to write.

--interest-points <string (default: “”)>

List of column and row pairs contained in quotes.

--convert-path <string (default: “”)>

Path to the ImageMagick convert executable to use in processing. If not set, the directory having this tool must be prepended to the system path.

-h, --help

Display this help message.