16.36. lronac2mosaic.pyΒΆ

This tool takes in two LRONAC files (M*LE.IMG and M*RE.IMG) and produces a single noproj mosaic composed of the two inputs. It performs the following operations in this process: lronac2isis, lronaccal, lronacecho, spiceinit, noproj, and handmos. The offsets used in handmos are calculated using an ASP internal tool called lronacjitreg and is similar in functionality to the ISIS command hijitreg. Offsets need to be calculated via feature measurements in image to correct for imperfections in camera pointing. The angle between LE and RE optics changes slightly with spacecraft temperature.

Optionally, lronac2mosiac.py can be given many IMG files all at once. The tool will then look at image names to determine which should be paired and mosaicked. The tool will also spawn multiple processes of ISIS commands were possible to finish the task faster. The max number of simultaneous processes is limited by the --threads option.


lronac2mosaic.py [options] <IMG file 1> <IMG file 2>

Command-line options for lronac2mosaic.py:


Display the help message.

-o, --output-dir <name>

Set the output folder (default is input folder).


Stops processing after the noproj steps are complete.


Restarts processing using the results from stop-at-no-proj.

-t, --threads

Specify the number of threads to use.

-k, --keep

Keep all intermediate files.