16.70. undistort_imageΒΆ

The undistort_image program takes as input an image and a pinhole model .tsai file describing the image. The tool will generate a copy of the input image with the lens distortion specified in the pinhole model file removed. It will also save the corresponding pinhole camera model file without the distortion.


undistort_image [options] <input image> <camera model> -o <output image>

See an example in Section 10.2.

Command-line options for undistort_image:

-o, --output-file <filename>

Specify the output file.

--output-nodata-value <double (default: smallest float value)>

Set the output nodata value. Only applicable if the output is a single-channel image with pixels that are float or double.


Save the undistorted image with integer pixels if so is the input. This may result in reduced accuracy.

--interpolation-method <bilinear|bicubic (default: bilinear)>

Interpolation method.

--threads <integer (default: 0)>

Select the number of threads to use for each process. If 0, use the value in ~/.vwrc.

--cache-size-mb <integer (default = 1024)>

Set the system cache size, in MB.

--tile-size <integer (default: 256 256)>

Image tile size used for multi-threaded processing.


Tell GDAL to not create bigtiffs.

--tif-compress <None|LZW|Deflate|Packbits (default: LZW)>

TIFF compression method.

-v, --version

Display the version of software.

-h, --help

Display this help message.