16.26. hiedr2mosaic.py

Assemble a collection of HiRISE EDR files into a single image. This runs the sequence of ISIS preprocessing commands, followed by hijitreg, to assemble the input images into a single output image. You can either download the input files yourself and pass them all in or specify a download folder and pass in only a URL such as http://hirise-pds.lpl.arizona.edu/PDS/EDR/ESP/ORB_029400_029499/ESP_029421_2300/. If you use a URL, the program will attempt to download all of the HiRISE images found at that location and then run the processing script. See the “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter HiRISE” section in the examples chapter for a more detailed explanation.


hiedr2mosaic.py [options] <input files OR a URL>

Command-line options for hiedr2mosaic.py:


Display the help message.

-w, --web

Invokes spiceinit with web=true, to fetch the kernels from the web.

-m, --match

The CCD number passed as the match argument to noproj (default 5).


Stops processing after the noproj steps are complete.


Restarts processing using the results from --stop-at-no-proj.


Download input files to this folder. Must pass in a URL instead of files.

-t, --threads

Specify the number of threads to use.

-k, --keep

Keep all intermediate files.