8. Stereo processing examples

This chapter showcases examples of processing data sets acquired with specific instruments. For a general introduction, see the tutorial (Section 3).

Structure-from-Motion examples are in Section 9 (using a rig and robot images) and in Section 10 (for orbital images with no rig).

9. SfM examples using a robot rig

These examples shows how to solve for camera poses using Structure-from-Motion (SfM) and then create textured meshes.

The images are acquired using a rig mounted on a robot on the ISS (Section 9.1, Section 9.2) and with the MSL Curiosity rover (Section 9.3).

Somewhat related examples, but without using a rig or the above workflow, are in Section 10 (the images are acquired in orbit using a satellite and a DEM is produced) and Section 8.6 (a basic and rather old two-image example for the MER rovers). See also Section 8.12.5 for an example using CSM cameras for the MSL rover, without employing SfM.