16.24. GDAL toolsΒΆ

ASP distributes in the bin directory the following GDAL tools:

  • gdal_rasterize (modify images based on shape files)

  • gdal_translate (crop, resample)

  • gdalbuildvrt (mosaic)

  • gdaldem (hillshade)

  • gdalinfo (show stats)

  • gdaltransform (transforms between coordinate systems)

  • gdalwarp (convert to another projection and interpolate)

  • gdaladdo (create multi-resolution pyramids)

and a handful of other ones.

These executables are compiled with JPEG2000 and BigTIFF support, and can handle NTF images in addition to most image formats. They can be used to see image statistics, crop and scale images, build virtual mosaics, reproject DEMs, etc.

If ASP was installed via conda, rather than using the release tarball (Section 2), make sure to activate that conda environment before using these tools or set the PROJ_LIB and/or PROJ_DATA environmental variable to points to the share/proj subdirectory of the ASP conda environment. Otherwise there will be warnings about failing to find such a directory. This is a known PROJ issue.

Certain conversion between datums using the GDAL/PROJ tools may need additional data, which can be stored either locally or fetched via a network (see the PROJ documentation).