16.11. camera_footprintΒΆ

The tool camera_footprint computes what the footprint of in image would be if map projected on to a provided datum or DEM and prints it to the screen. If a KML output path is provided it will also create a KML file containing the footprint. The KML will show a box with an X pattern showing the points ASP used to compute the footprint. This tool can be useful for debugging camera orientations or getting a quick overview of where images are located.


camera_footprint [options] <camera-image> <camera-model>

Command-line options for camera_footprint:

-h, --help

Display the help message.

--dem-file <filename>

Intersect with this DEM instead of a datum.

--datum <string>

Use this datum to interpret the heights. Options are: WGS_1984, D_MOON, D_MARS, and MOLA.

--t_srs <proj string>

Specify the georeference projection (PROJ.4 string).

-t, --session-type

Select the stereo session type to use for processing. Normally this is autodetected.

--bundle-adjust-prefix <string>

Use the camera adjustment obtained by previously running bundle_adjust with this output prefix.

--output-kml <string>

Write an output KML file at this location.


Use a faster but less accurate computation.