16.17. Image correlatorΒΆ

The parallel_stereo program (Section 16.50) can function purely as an image correlator, that is, it can find the disparity between two given images without assuming any cameras are present and without generating a point cloud.

This mode assumes that the images are already roughly aligned, up to a translation. Hence, the images can be either raw but with no large rotation/shear/scale differences, or mapprojected, or to be portions of aligned images L.tif and R.tif (Section 19) as created by ASP itself.

See also corr_eval (Section 16.16) a program for estimating the quality of the disparity at each pixel.


parallel_stereo --correlator-mode <left image> <right image> \
  <output prefix>


parallel_stereo --correlator-mode run/run-L.tif run/run-R.tif \

This will create the filtered subpixel disparity run_corr/run-F.tif (Section 19).

All the usual options of parallel_stereo apply. See Section 6 for a discussion regarding various quality vs speed tradeoffs. Since the images are assumed to be aligned, the program will set the alignment method to none.

If desired to not use an initial low-resolution correlation, set --corr-seed-mode 0. To skip preprocessing (if invoked previously), or to avoid subpixel refinement or filtering, use the options --entry-point and --stop-point.