8.9. Apollo 15 Metric Camera images

Apollo Metric images were all taken at regular intervals, which means that the same stereo.default can be used for all sequential pairs of images. Apollo Metric images are ideal for stereo processing. They produce consistent, excellent results.

The scans performed by ASU are sufficiently detailed to exhibit film grain at the highest resolution. The amount of noise at the full resolution is not helpful for the correlator, so we recommend subsampling the images by a factor of 4.

Currently the tools to ingest Apollo TIFFs into ISIS are not available, but these images should soon be released into the PDS for general public usage.

8.9.1. Ansgarius C

Ansgarius C is a small crater on the west edge of the far side of the Moon near the equator. It is east of Kapteyn A and B.


Fig. 8.6 Example output possible with Apollo Metric frames AS15-M-2380 and AS15-M-2381. Commands

Process Apollo TIFF files into ISIS.

ISIS> reduce from=AS15-M-2380.cub to=sub4-AS15-M-2380.cub \
        sscale=4 lscale=4
ISIS> reduce from=AS15-M-2381.cub to=sub4-AS15-M-2381.cub \
        sscale=4 lscale=4
ISIS> spiceinit from=sub4-AS15-M-2380.cub
ISIS> spiceinit from=sub4-AS15-M-2381.cub
ISIS> parallel_stereo sub4-AS15-M-2380.cub sub4-AS15-M-2381.cub \

See Section 6 for a discussion about various speed-vs-quality choices.